Jaetmeori Seonghwangdang (Jaetmeori Local God Shrine)

Jaetmeori Seonghwangdang is a shrine for the local gods and the history goes back to the Goryeo Period. Goryeo official, Seo Hui was to go to China as an envoy. He was about to leave the Jaetmeori coast, but there was a strong storm and the boat couldn’t leave. That evening, two women (king Gyeongsun’s wife and her mother) appeared and asked him to settle a grudge. Seo Hui built a shrine and comforted them. Since then, a rite has been held at Jaetmeori every year.

Location : San 76, Seonggok-dong, Danwon-gu
Ansan-si Local Relics 1
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