Master of Realism Yiikseonsaengmyo (Tomb of Yi Ik)

The tomb is located in Cheomseongchon (presently Il-dong) where Seongho Yi Ik, the master of realism, lived and made many achievements in realism. He preserved and developed the academic traditions of Yoo Hyeongwon and was able in various areas including astronomy, geography and medicine. His written works include ‘Seonghosaseol’, ‘Gwangurok’ and ‘Seonghomunjip’. He received a posthumous title of Ijopanseo (minister of government administration) for his achievements. Yi Ik passed a way at the age of 83 in 1763. His academic traditions were passed on to Ahn Jeongbok, Lee Gihwan, Lee Jonghwan and Jung Yagyoung. The Seongho Memorial Hall stands across from the tomb.

Location : 555 Il-dong, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si
  • From the Choongang Hospital intersection in Il-dong, 600m in the direction of Bugok-dong
  • Buses: 71, 71-2, 76, 99-1, 125
  • Coach Buses: 301
Monuments 40 (Gyeonggi-do)
Period : Mid Joseon
Related events : Seongho Culture Festival
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  • Ansan Culture Center: 031-415-0041
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