Master of Genre Paintings Danwon Kim Hongdo

There is no precise record of Danwon Kim Hongdo’s birth or death, but there are records that he took lessons from Pyoam Kang Sehwang from the age of 7 or 8 to 20. This leads us to believe that he was born in Ansan. His childhood paintings have beaches which imply that he also grew up in Ansan.

Kim Hongdo is well known for genre paintings but he had great talent in all areas of art including paintings of sinseon (mountain wizards), landscapes and portraits. Landscapes are the most glorious of his artwork.

His landscape backgrounds were influenced by his teacher, Pyoam Kang Sehwang. His paintings show features of the Namjong School and he depicts Korean sentiment well with beautiful landscapes of mountains and rivers.

At the age of 44, Kim Hongdo painted landscapes of four areas of Mt. Geumgangsan with Bokheon Kim Eunghwan by King Jeongjo’s decree.

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