Wishing for Peace of the Village ‘Jaetmeori Local God Festival’

Jaetmeori Seonghwangdang (local god shrine) is located on the main trade route to China and is Ansan’s Local Relics 1. It is historically meaningful because it comforted the bitter feelings of king Gyeongsun’s wife and her mother. Envoys to China and residents gave offerings and prayed for peace in the village. The Jaetmeori Local God Festival is held every year.

Period: San 76, Seonggok-dong, Danwon-gu
Directions: From Seonggok Police Station, make a left at the second three-way toward Haeanno, follow Byeolmangno road for 1.5km toward Doranmal Park, at the top of Mt. Haebongsan
Ansan-si Local Relics 1
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