We are One ‘Festivals for Foreign Workers’

Ansan City established Ansan Industry Assistance Office of the Foreign Workers Welfare Dept. for the foreign workers of the Banwol and Sihwa Industrial Complexes. There are 25,000 registered foreign workers in Ansan. When you add the number of illegal workers, the will be approximately 500,000. This Ansan Industry Assistance Office offers a comprehensive support project such as Korean culture exchange, community support, offering jobs, consulting on overdue wage, medical support, education for Kosian (foreign workers and Korean families), etc.

Eoullimmadang (Get-together ground)
  • Sponsors: Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Arirang TV, Ansan-si
Culture and Arts Hanmadang
  • Sponsor: Ansan People Artist Federation
Experience Korean Culture
  • Sponsor: Korea Red Cross, Ansan Branch
Culture School
  • Sponsor: Seoul Institute of Arts
Borderless Village Mini World Cup
  • Sponsor: Ansan Migrant Shelter
AFC Basketball Competition
  • Sponsor: Galilee
First Full Moon Party for the Korean Chinese
  • Sponsor: Ansan Korean Chinese Church
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