Noted Spot at Mt. Surisan 'Suambong Peak'

Mt. Surisan stretches over four cities, Ansan, Gunpo, Anyang and Siheung. The name Surisan means a mountain with beautiful scenery. The mountain is sometimes called Chwiam because the peak looks like an eagle’s beak. The mountain is 398m above sea level and has a variety of hiking courses. Among them are a 3-hour course from Dongmakgol to Suambong Peak; a straight-line course from Jeongjae Elementary School to Suambong Peak; and a course up along the mountain ridge. The hiking courses have pavilions and benches for people to rest and are crowded with people on weekends. There is plenty of food available at the bottom of the mountain including sundubu (soft tofu) and pajeon (Korean pancakes).

Location : San 501, Suam-dong, Sangnok-gu
  • Head toward Siheung on Suin Industrial Road and make a right turn past the Ansan-dong overpass
  • Buses: 30-2, 314
  • Coach buses: 301, 320, 350, 5601

Hiking Courses

Hanmaeum Course
  • Suri Mineral Spring ~ Fire watch station ~ Forest of meditation ~ Sangyeonsa Temple ~ Yongjinsa Temple entrance: 3,415m
Seulgibong Course
  • Behind Seongbulsa Temple ~ Camping class ~ Meeting Square ~ Seulgibong Peak: 530m
Taeeulbong Course
  • Behind Elim Welfare Center ~ Magpie class ~ Forest of reading ~ Taeeulbong Peak: 1,450m
Gwanmobong Course
  • Behind Taeeul Elementary School ~ Friendship Square ~ Norangbawi ~ Forest of rest Gwanmobong Peak: 920m
Surisan Station Course
  • Surisan Station ~ Yangji Park ~ Royal Azalea Park ~ Behind Complex 5 ~ Above Gunpo Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Facility ~ Sokdal-dong Forrest Road ~ Yongjinsa Temple: 3,300m
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