Spreading Out Like a Fan Mt. Gwangdeoksan

Mt. Gwangdeoksan extends over Wa-dong, Wolpi-dong, Yangsang-dong and Seonbu-dong. It is also called Buchaesan because it looks like a fan (buchae). It is a low mountain that is only 209m above sea level, but you can see the city of Ansan at a glance from the top. Gwangdeok Park at the entrance to the mountain has the Square of Light, fountain, outdoor stage, water mill, exhibit area and parking facilities. It would be nice to look around the Seoul Institute of Arts campus and Gwangdeok Market.

Location : San 13-2, Wolpi-dong, Sangnok-gu
  • From Gojan 2(i)-dong Office, follow Taebong Road toward Gwangdeok Stadium and Gwangdeok Park, on the left.
  • Buses: 30, 30-3, 30-7 get off at the Seoul Institute of the Arts

Walking Routes

Route 1
  • Seoul Institute of the Arts → Athletic Square →Top
Route 2
  • Cemetery → Athletic Square → Top
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