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Lake Sihwaho is an artificial lake with a reservoir capacity of 322 million tons and borders Ansan, Siheung and Hwaseong. Sihwa embankment is 12.7km long with two floodgates at Bangameori and Tando. Lake Sihwaho had a bad reputation for pollution in the past, but in 1998, a water analysis study revealed the quality of water to have reduced to 4ppm from 20ppm making it possible for any type of fish to live. The lake is great to study ecology since there are more than 150,000 birds of 150 species including storks and mallards 359 species of plants including reedgrass, reeds and Suaeda japonica and 12 species of mammals including elks, raccoon dogs, weasels and wildcats.Sihwa Embankment is great for rollerblading, riding bikes and marathons. There are plans for a tidal power plant, which will establish the place as a great tourist spot. There are also plans for a nature museum, maritime museum and dinosaur theme park in connection with Siheung and Hwaseong. When plans are complete, the area will transform into a major ecological complex of the west coast. The lake is a great place for the family to make a day trip and watch the sunset.

Embankment length : 12.7km
Surface area : About 10,800 acres
Reservoir capacity :182 million tons (maximum capacity: 322 million tons)
Two floodgates : Bangameori, Tando


Salt plants are decreasing and land plants and naturalized plants are increasing.

139 species of 26 families (Reeds, sea aster, annual sea-blite, etc.)


SAbout 4 or 5 species of freshwater fish and about 10 species of marine fish appear near the floodgates.

Sea perch, jacopever, striped mullet, green puffer, etc.

Tideland Organisms

There are 51 species. The most being annelids followed by mollusks and arthropods


There are an increasing number of birds at Lake Sihwaho since seawater flowed in. There are over 100,000 birds of 140 species including natural monuments, protected species and species on the verge of extinction. The most birds can be seen in April and October during migration season.

17 Natural Monuments : Black-faced spoonbill, whooper swan, oystercatcher, kestrel, Chinese egret, etc.
15 protected species : Whooper swan, goshawk, hen harrier, marshharrier, eagle owl, etc.
Reservoir capacity :182 million tons (maximum capacity: 322 million tons)
5 endangered species : Black-faced spoonbill, spo etc.
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