Beautiful Weekend Journey Daebudo Island

Daebudo Island is a large island that used to be part of Daebu-myeon, Ongjin-gun. Entry to and from mainland can be made freely since the completion of the Sihwa Embankment. Daebudo Island is called the 21st century’s greatest place for tourism and leisure in Korea. The island became connected to mainland since the construction of the Sihwa Embankment, but it still possesses the romance and lyrical feature of an island for unique pleasure. You can dig for short-necked clams or razor clams in the tideland and enjoy deep-sea fishing for a variety of fish including goby, flatfish and grouper. Daebu grapes are famous specialty products.Other specialty products include short-necked clams and oysters from Yukdo Island and salted top shell and natural Solomon’s seal tea from Pungdo Island. Be sure to try bajirak-kalguksu (noodles in short-necked clam soup).

  • From Ansan Station, enter Daebudo Island past Sihwa New City, Okgu Park and Sihwa Embankment
  • From Wolgot IC, enter Daebudo Island past Sihwa Embankment
  • From Suwon/Bibong IC, enter Daebudo Island past Namyang and Sagang
Public Transportation
  • Take bus no. 123 from Danwon-gu Office or Ansan Station (1 hour 10 minutes)

Tideland Experience

At Daebudo Island, you can see a variety of tideland life during low tide. The tideland experience is a beneficial and educational for children.

  • Jonghyeon-dong, Seongamdo, Tando, Gubongdo
  • Jonghyeon-dong: 032-886-0194
  • Seongamdo: 032-884-7646
  • Tando: 032-883-9954

Seongam Fishing Village Experience

The Seongam Fishing Village offers unique experiences such and picking grapes and digging for clams. The village offers much to see and eat. The tourist information center also has facilities to cook the seafood you caught. It is an environment-friendly tourist village.

Location: 208-17 Seongam-dong, Danwon-gu
Cooking and shower facilities available
Accommodation:100~200 people
Admission to the fishing place:
  • Child - 5,000 won
  • Adult - 7,000 won
  • Public transportation (bus no. 123)

    Ansan Station → Sihwa Embankment → Bangameori Dock → Sang-dong → Seongam-dong

  • By car

    Yeongdong Expressway (Wolgot IC, Seoansan IC) → Sihwa Embankment to Tando → right turn toward Gyeonggi English Village, 1.2km → Seongam Fishing village


Deep Sea Fishing

You can catch a variety of fish on an hour boat ride from Tandohang Port.

Location :Bangameori Dock, Tando Dock, Gubongdo, etc.

Maritime Tourism

Two cruises are available twice a day, one to Jawoldo and Deokjeokdo and one to Seungbongdo and Ijakdo.

Location:Bangameori Dock, 1841-9 Daebubuk-dong Danwon-gu

Nueseom Lighthouse and Observatory

Nueseom is a small uninhabited island about 10minutes from Tando. The tideland is revealed twice a day for four hours during low tide, so you can walk around.

Location: San 170, Seongam-dong, Danwon-gu
Hours: 10:00~18:00 Entry only possible when ocean path parts
  • Private: Adult 1,000 won, Juvenile 700 won, Child 500 won
  • Group: Adult 700 won, Juvenile 500 won, Child 500 won
  • Seongam Fishing Village Experience: 032-481-2326
Inquiries: 010-3038-2331
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