Experiencing English Culture ‘Gyeonggi English Village Ansan Camp’

The Gyeonggi English Village was established by Gyeonggi-do to nurture global talents, improve English-speaking abilities of residents and enhance national competitiveness by experiencing English in daily life. A variety of programs are offered at a low cost for results just as effective as overseas training. When entering, you must go through a process similar to immigration checks at the airport. You may choose from four subjects-drama, music, art and science. The camp provides a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Daebudo Island and learn English at the same time.

  • Location: 817 Gojan-dong Danwon-gu, Ansan-si
  • Directions: Pass Sihwa Embankment and follow along Hwanggeumno road, 10km toward Tando, make a right turn
  • Public Transportation: Take bus no. 123 from Danwon-gu Office or Ansan Station (1 hour 10 minutes)
  • Programs: 6 day program, weekend family program, 4 week vacation program
  • Inquiries: 032-450-4300
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