Portraying the History of Ansan ‘Ansan Culture Center’

The Ansan Culture Center opened in 1984 to preserve, pass on and develop local culture. It recently moved to Sa 1(il)-dong, Sangnok-gu. About 4.4 billion won was invested to build the center over 1.6 acres. The first floor has local materials reference room, special exhibit and storage vault; the second floor has the Ansan Culture School, Pyoam room, Seongho room, Sangnoksu room and Danwon room; and the third floor has a local history research room, literary reference room and multi-purpose culture room. Other buildings include a traditional straw-thatched roof house of Ansan, mill worked by a horse or ox and a blacksmith’s shop. You can see traditional culture here. The Ansan Culture School offer 20 lectures for residents including writing, calligraphy and Western painting.

  • Location: 1586-1 Sa 1(il)-dong, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si
  • Directions: From Ansan Hanyang University Station, head toward Sangnok-gu Office, near Seokho Elementary School and Seongan Middle School
    · Buses: 22, 55, 62, 71, 71-1
    · Coach Buses: 707, 909
  • Inquiries: 031-415-0041~2
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