Information on Las Vegas, The United States

Information on Las Vegas
Basic Information Sister city agreement date November, 9, 1987
Location a city in the desert of southeastern Nevada
Area 340㎢
Population 558,000 (2010)
Climate hot, arid desert climate
  • the largest city in Nevada, an internationally renowned resort city
Major industry
  • tourism, leisure town development, hotel, casino, convention, etc.
  • Tourist attractions: Grand Canyon National Park, Lake Mead, Red Rock Canyon State Park, Valley of Fire
  • Facilities: Hoover Dam
Major exchanges
  • Senior citizens’ exchanges
    ※ Korea Senior Citizens Association (Ansan chapter) and Las Vegas Korea Senior Citizens Association signed a sisterhood agreement (on Oct 16, 1995)
  • Mutual friendly visits of both cities’ business community representatives
  • Establishment of memorial parks in both cities.
    ※ Ansan Park (Las Vegas, 1994), Las Vegas Park (Ansan, 1995)
  • Reciprocal visits of youths: International Young Student Conference (1996~2014)
    ※ Ansan Gyeongil Information High School and Las Vegas Academy School signed sisterhood agreement(November 13, 1996)
    → Ansan Gyeongil Tourism and Management High School and Spring Valley High School signed sisterhood agreement (2006)
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