Mayor’s Greetings
A warm welcome to all who visit the website of Ansan City
“The Clean and Happy City”

Greetings, everyone! I am the mayor of Ansan, Je Jong-Geel.

I truly welcome city residents and people around the country for visiting the homepage of Ansan, where the spirits of the Joseon Dynasty’s best artist Danwon Kim Hong-do, the great realist scholar Seongho Lee Ik, and the rural enlightenment activist and author of the novel “Sangnoksu,” Choi Yong-sin, live on.

Our city is 30 kilometers southwest of Seoul and serves as a convenient suburb where all regions of the capital area can be reached within an hour. Ansan is also near the Yellow Sea, making it central to the 21stcentury’seraofthesea’sGoldenBelt.

Ansan has an active economy that is home to Ansan Smart Hub, a high-tech industrial complex with more than 10-thousand companies and 200-thousand employees. We also have a strong green policy to help our residents live in a healthy environment, as proven by a greening ratio of more than 72 percent.

Ansan is also a beautiful eco and environment-friendly city with two very popular tourist spots, the island of Daebudo and Sihwaho Lake, where more than 180-thousand birds from 129 species live. And Ansan is Korea’s most multicultural city, with more than 60-thousand immigrants from 70 countries living in harmony with native Koreans.

As our city celebrates its sixth government elected by popular vote, Ansan is planning to turn itself into a human-oriented city, where people and life come first, as well as an environmentally friendly eco-city where environment, culture and art exist in harmony.

I ask Ansan citizens and netizens to show love and interest to their ever-developing city.

I also ask you to actively visit this homepage so that it becomes a venue for open communication in which all issues, from minor inconveniences of life to criticism and encouragement of civic affairs and even the big picture of Ansan’s future, can be discussed freely.

Thank you very much.

Je Jong-Geel
Mayor of Ansan

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