Garbage Disposal

In Korea, if you dispose of trash improperly, you are subject to fines up to KRW 1,000,000. Separate trash into general trash, food trash, and recyclable trash.

General Trash Disposal
Trash bags are sold in supermarkets and grocery stores. Put trash in given bags and dispose of them at designated places.
Food Trash Disposal
Multifamily Housing (Apartments, Multifamily Homes, etc.)Dispose of food waste in the food trash containers within the complex
Single-Family Housing : Eliminate water content and other materials from food waste and disposeof them in the designated bags at the designated places.
Recyclable Trash
Separate recyclable trash and dispose of it at designated places.
Types of Recyclable Trash
Type Items
Paper Newspaper, books, notebooks, paper
Cans Steel cans, aluminum cans, butane gas cans
Bottles Beverage bottles and other bottles
Clothing Bags, clothes, shoes
Styrofoam Cup ramen, packaging, Styrofoam
Appliances TV, refrigerator, washer, air-conditioner, computer, audio, mobile phones
Other Batteries, fluorescent bulbs, certain snack and ramen packaging with special marks, etc

* Drill a hole in butane gas cans for disposal and purchase and attach stickers to dispose of furniture and other large-sized waste.

Food Trash Bags, General Trash Bags, Recycled Trash
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