City Location

ansan city map

Ansan city is adjacent to Gunpo City (East), West Coast, Hwaseong City and Uiwang City (South) and Siheung City (North). Ansan City was first developed in accordance with the Industry and Population Decentralization Policy of Seoul city. Ansan city is artificially developed with strict planning scheme to be an environment and residents oriented city. Ansan City is located at the South West of Seoul (within 30㎞ radius away) and is open to West Sea of Korea. Ansan city has relatively smooth geographical feature in the inland along with low hill areas in Northern (Mt. Gwangdeok / Mt. Ma) and Southern areas (Mt. Nabong / Mt. Chilbo). Numerous streams as of Banwol Stream, Ansan Stream and Hwajeong Stream are passing through downtown areas with wide alluviums in vicinity. Most of them are cultivated and used as rice fields.

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