Foreign Investment Zone System

Foreign Investment Zone(FIZ)System
  • Designator : Mayors or Provincial Governors
  • Eligible Business : Manufacturing, Business Entities bringing in advanced technologies or providing industry support services, Tourist Businesses.
  • Supporting Services : Tax Exemption or Reduction, Exemption of rents and contribution,governmental support for FIZ development.

    Ansan is the most ideal area for investment because it is located in the center pacific Rim and adjacent to international airport, Inchon harbor and a large transaction center(40 Minutes).

  • Convenient Traffic Network

    Metro No. 4 line directly connects Ansan to Seoul, and Ansan is easily linked to Kyongpu /Youngdong Express Way and West Coast Express Way.
    Convenient inter-city bus lines network Adjacent to Inchon Harbor and International Airport.

  • More than 4,000 factories are producing various kinds of commodities and it is easy to promote co-related business transactions.
Classification by Business Designation Criteria
Manufacturing or business entities bringing in advanced technologies or providing industry support services,
    (Newly Developed FIZ)
  • Where foreign direct investment(FDI) of min. US$100 Mil..
  • Where FDI ratio is min. 50% or more, and new, regular hired employees number min. 1,000.
  • Where FDI amounts are min. US$50 Mil., and new regular hired employees of min. 500.

  • (Where already developed industrial districts are designated as FIZ)
  • In cases where parts or all of already developed national or regional industrial districts are designated as FIZ. FDI amount are to be min. US$30 Mil., and new, regular hired employees to be min. of 300.
Tourist Businesses
  • Tourist hotel, International convention facility businesses As FDI newly filed by December 31, 2000, whose amounts shall be min. US$30Mil.

  • (FDI whose contribution shall have been completed by December 31, 2002 will be deemed as new FDI)
  • Comprehensive Leisure Businesses As newly notified FDI by December 31, 2000, if FDI equal to min. US$50Mil. invested in the comprehensive leisure business on cheju lsland or within tourist areas under Artcle 23. Tourist Promotion Act(FDI whose contribution as new FDI)
Procedures Simple notification system
Applicant Investor or Proxy by KISC
Treatment Period Immediately
Institution accepting
head-quarter and branches of domestic banks, KOTRA
Documents to be
Notification from only
Filing Periods
Administrative Handling Period
Notification of acquisition of new equity Immediately
Registration of Incorporation 1 day
Application of predetermination for tax exemption 20 day
Application for Tax Exemption 20 day
Business Start Notification 7 day
Application for Certification of
Imported Capital Goods
3 day
Report of Foreign Capital Arrival Immediately
The New Waves in the 21th Century
  • The great waves for the world trades and economy are surging from the East Asia. Particularly, Korea is emerging as the most attractive country in Asia for investments and transactions. Ansan will play the pivotal role for the Korean and world economy!
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