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Gyeonggi Technopark(GTP) is home to more than 80 knowledge based high tech enterprises and research institutes. GTP is aimed to assist regional economic growth based on the innovation of high tech industries and revitalize local industries and markets. For doing so, GTP provides an excellent business environment to the technology intensive, knowledge based companies and helps them grow their businesses through the essential infrastructures and the professional know-how which GTP has prepared for them.

As professional high tech business incubator, GTP brings early stage high tech venture enterprises to commercialize their high technologies. Many of them have outstanding technologies but they don’t have business know-how and/or capitals with which they could change their technologies into a product to sell. GTP is standing for these small early stage companies to initiate commercializing their abilities.

GTP would like to be a better service provider for hi-tech based enterprises with all the services the enterprises need through the dedicated staff and its efficient business environment as well as governmental supports.


The mission of GTP is to revitalize the regional economy through encouraging knowledge based industry and innovating regional technology by providing great infrastructures of advanced business environment.


GTP will be one of the best role models in Northeast Asia for leading business incubators. GTP will show a new modeling concept of technology parks which is unique in its way of approaching towards developing high tech industries. The advanced combination of government support, marketing mind of the high tech companies and all other infrastructure supports from academia, research centers and essential supporting agencies will explore the new era of the technology parks in korea.


From the need of a new way supporting venture enterprises in the region, the idea of establishing GTP came up. GTP was planned to local hi-tech industries through the innovations in existing conventional technologies and construction of the infrastructure around region.

The scheme of GTP was generated in 1997 by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, the City of Ansan and Gyeonggi Province to promote regional economic growth.

GTP started its task with the goal of

  • providing infrastructures to small to med sized early stage high tech based companies
  • accomplishing regional economic development using existing industrial basis and the consortium of the six regional based colleges such as Hanyang University, Kyunghee University, Myongji University, Sungkyunkwan University, The University of Suwon and Ajou University.

With a great deal of governmental support through both financial and operational favor and the six consortium colleges’ sponsoring, GTP has presented a new advanced way of initiating and growing one’s new business with its well organized skills and strategies.

In December of 1997, as a part of the scheme planned by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, GTP started its task along with the collaboration of the City of Ansan and Gyeonggi Province. Also, the six local colleges of Gyeonggi Province cooperated the task with their new technology and research capabilities.

In November of 1998, GTP started its projects officially in Hanyang University, Ansan. At the same time, it initiated to build the complex when the owner of the space, Hanyang University took the decision to use its own land and funds to provide a favorable location to house and encourage the success of local hi-tech industry, research institutes and companies.

In May of 2003, GTP had its opening ceremony after the construction of the main complex had beeb done. GTP, the former name, the Ansan Technopark changed its name to Gyeonggi Technopark and is trying to widen its projects toward the greater Gyeonggi Province. download

Location& Transportation


By Car

GTP is located on the southwestern edge of Ansan. That means the best exit for GTP is Maesong (not Ansan) which is near Suwon. Taking Ansan exit will let drivers spend more time in downtown and cause more driving time.

  • From Incheon International Airport:
    • Start on Incheon international airport expressway (route number 130) towards Seoul
    • Turn right on Seoul Ring road(perimeter, route no. 100), southwest bound
    • Take Seohaean Expressway (route no.15), south bound
    • Take Maesong Interchange exit
    • Keep strait till meeting the Coastway
    • Turn right on the Coastway
    • Keep strait until seeing the GTP Complex on your right side.
  • Approximate driving time is about an hour.
  • From South Seoul, Central Seoul, West Seoul or Incheon:
    • Take Seoul Ring road (perimeter, route no. 100) towards Seohaean Expressway
    • Take Seohaean Expressway(route no. 15), southbound.
    • Take Maesong Interchange exit
    • Keep strait till meeting the Coastway.
    • Turn right on the Coastway
    • Keep strait until seeing the GTP Complex on your right side

By Subway

Since Ansan is a part of metropolitan area, the subway train will take you GTP from anywhere in Metropolitan cities. There is a frequent subway train service on line 4 (Blue line) from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm. The nearest subway station is Hanyang University at Ansan. From the station, Hanyang University at Ansan, you have two options to come to GTP

  • Taking a shuttle of Hanyang University or GTP shuttle bus.
    The shuttles of Hanyang University are available all day long. After getting off a University shuttle,
    you could walk down to the campus. Takes 15 minutes.
  • taking our commuters’ suttle only at 7:50 ~ 8:30 am
    and 6:30 ~ 7:30 pm available.
  • taking a taxi. It takes 8 minutes.
    Fare is approximately 4 dollars one way.

Visit& Parking


Due to our land marking role of technology park projects in korea, we are welcoming visitors from many foreign countries. We are doing our best for welcoming our visitors; however, due to the time limitation, we cannot cover all the visitors if they visit without appointments. If you are scheduling a visit here, please let us know at least 2 weeks in advance so that we could get well prepared for better service. For scheduling, please contact us at kay92677@gtp.or.kr


We have a spacious daily parking lot which enables to keep 400 numbers of vehicles at a time. It is free of charge at this time (subject to change its policy).

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