Investment Advertage & Incentive

Circumstantial Advantages
  • Geological Advantages

    Ansan is the most ideal area for investment because it is located in the center pacific Rim and adjacent to international airport, Incheon harbor and a large transaction center(40 Minutes).

  • Convenient Traffic Network

    Metro No. 4 line directly connects Ansan to Seoul, and Ansan is easily linked to Kyongpu/Youngdong Express Way and West Coast Express Way.
    Convenient inter-city bus lines network Adjacent to Incheon Harbor and International Airport.

  • More than 4,000 factories are producing various kinds of commodities and it is easy to promote co-related business transactions.
Taxation Advantages
Tax Reduction& Exemption
Type of Tax Current Exemption/Reductions
(Advanced Technology business,
Foreign Investment Zones)
Corporate Tax Income Tax Full Exemption for the first 7 years
50% reduction for 3 years thereafter.
Local Taxes Acquisition Tax
Property Tax Aggregate Land Tax
Registration Tax
All taxes will be fully exempted 15 years.
Custom Duties Special Consumption
Tax Value Added Tax
Full exemption 3 years
Taxation Advantages
  • Liberalization of Real Estate Acquisition
    • Repealed the restrictions on the aquisition of real estate by the foreigners and liberalized it same as it is for the Korean nationals.
  • Support Services for Industrial Land
    • Support for and the designation of "Foreign Direct Investment Zones".
    • Support for Land Rental Fee Reduction(50%) or Exemption for Central Government Property.
  • Financial Supports
    • Financial Supports from Gyonggi province Government the promotion of small & medium-size industries.
    • Financial Supports from the City of Ansan for the operation of small & medium-size industries.
    • Financial Supports for the installation of anti-pollution facilities for Central Government Property.
  • Employment Fund
    • Gyonggi province Government provides a certain amount of financial support to foreign invested companies that create a predetermined number of new jobs. Gyonggi province Government provides a certain amount financial support for the training of workers hired by foreign invested companies
  • Administrative Supports
    • Provide services for the various administrative procedures.
    • One-stop Services Automatic Approval System Arrangement of joint venture and collaborative partners.
    • Consulting on various laws and regulations, investment related procedures, etc
  • Support for Export
    • Investors will be given the same treatment as local nationals.
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